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bimah >> this is growing right in chicago. >> our top story seen or run the country tonight hiding in plain sight, a nick of marijuana farm. it was discovered this afternoon on the far south side spanning several city blocks from 105th- 108 street and from stoney island to the railyards. those two football fields are filled with marijuana plants ready for harvest we are told to chicago cops literally stumbled upon this discovery earlier today tonight police are on the scene
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protecting their prime other technicians are photographed in the area videotaping what they can and inventorying all of the mayor won on the promises which by early estimates looks like 1000 plus plants. we found it, some of the plants are 10 ft. tall. these pictures show you exactly what chicago police found today two football fields filled with marijuana so plentiful. they are pretty big as big as christmas trees. it police chopper heading back to base the eyeball to this field and called it in cops by foot and on-air discovered this 1000 plus healthy potted plants growing in chicago a rare sight indeed that can only be seen from the air. very secluded, very difficult to see it again
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from anywhere but the air you cannot smell it from here but the smell is very intense once you are inside. the video from above doesn't do the same justice they made it tough to get to end once their narcotics detectives found wraps and raccoons and even a makeshift camp but no criminals. there is some evidence in their where there has been a watchman for lack of a better word or a garden city on it. this evening's rambo over the wetlands is a sign of their good fortune perhaps that led detectives to the pot of gold below. they claimed it was a lock, but it was more than luck. the job before police is to get the bad guys in to destroy the fruits of their labor. that
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means gathering all the evidence they confined inside the wetlands behind me and that is no small task fisher then cutting the plants down hauling them elsewhere and then burning them could take anywhere from one day perhaps a little bit longer. we're talking about 1000 plus plants and maybe $1 million worth of weed. >> emergency landings are problems piling up for troubled american airlines and some experts say this could be just the beginning. america getting a rough ride from air travel is all over the country tonight there being a lot kinder this is actually where the airline's latest problem began.
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cockpit audio for one of the most recent inflight issues an american pilot reports 3 lose seats on the saturday flight from boston to miami and happened again yesterday then out of o'hare 98 found forflight 98 bound for london makes two stops for a sick passenger. the third in ireland after an overheating piece of equipment and smoke in the cabin. it's really difficult statement to say avoid american. across the country passengers
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are responding and not favorably. it sucks that you have to pay so much money for these flights although at o'hare folks are much much more forgiving. >> no problems on the flight at all everything is good today. >> it simply news that we have heard on american airlines before. >> the faa is investigating as is the airlines to transport workers shifting blame from its workers to a third party. it's almost like the perfect storm. it's amazing i said this is the last airline that i will take. >> things could be looking up american says they are working
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with their unions in trying to cut costs and the pilots' union is ready to go back to the bargaining table they say we will see what comes with that in the meantime those passengers bound from o'hare-london are stuck in ireland and will be spending the night there it's about 3:00 a.m. there right now. in evergreen park teachers back on the picket lines again tomorrow with no new talks scheduled so for the second day there will be no school for the 1800 students at five schools the district 124150 teachers and dozens of support staff fighting for improvement in health insurance and retirement benefits and rumors about salary linked to student performance. >> i think both sides need to come to an agreement. the
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administration is saying the existing salary structure is unsustainable and chicago teachers voted on their contract today. the head of the teachers' union karen lewis caster ballot but she says she would speculate on how the rest of the rank-and- file would vote. the contract would give teachers a base salary increase of 3% next year and also set guidelines for teacher evaluation tied to student test scores. the principal at st. margaret of scotland's elementary school has abruptly resigned a meeting tonight. principal ricky harris says he has been questioned about his integrity daily since the new pastor and has felt
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abandoned. o'donnell would not allow reporters into the meeting tonight and even asked the media to get off the church property recently the parish members said they didn't want to vacate it for six months which is protocol when new pastors arrive. still ahead, sold to the federal government buys the old prison from illinois. and a nice warmup
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>> the cash to buy the prison is coming from money the department of justice never spend it will certainly be a nice infusion of casper a state that desperately needs it especially when you consider that the thompson prison has been pretty much sitting empty since 2001 because the state just didn't have the money to run it. >> the buying price $165 million and several years of political hardball senator dick durbin calls it a win all around.
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virginia congressman frank wolf is raising some questions rick pearson broke down the loud opposition to the sale. >> he has claimed that this was still part of an administration that wants to close guantanamo bay and move detainees to u.s. soil even though that's prohibited by law. the president was able to bypass any disapproval leaving the house appropriations committee which will chair but with presidential elections just weeks away the timing of the federal government's maximum-security prison becomes a talker. the presidential elections aside in
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illinois this sale seems to have bipartisan support tonight senator mark kirk send out this statement: >> that again with senator mark kirk. a full transfer of inmates could come before the end of the year. vice president joe biden
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the first presidential debate between president barack obama and romney will be underway in denver final preparations are being made for the first of three showdowns between them. this face-off will focus heavily on domestic policy and the economy. he called hoover dam breathtaking. the race is close with president obama leading romney by 3%. we have to get jobs again in this country.
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ohio senator robb portman vice- presidentvice president joe biden goofed up talking about taxes on the middle class. >> the middle class has been buried for the last four years. >> buried, we agree that means we need to stop digging by electing romney the next president of the united states. the republican ticket quick to adopt ryan's slogan. a suburban cop is in and the royal treatment in england and other european countries today they say he helped him win the ryder
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cup. we are in the car and i let him know don't worry about it i will get you there on time. pat roland's was the man behind the wheel and today he is being held a hero in europe. profiled on the bbc even in european news anchors credited with giving mcelroy to the final cut on the final day. he was staying here at the hotel in lumbar with all of the other players from team europe and usa but unlike the other players he had gotten his schedules mixed up on sunday, just minutes before his start time at my dinaedinah he wasn't
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there. i started to panic. , he was safe but very late, that's when this american cop show that even though he rooted for the rival team it wouldn't keep him from being a good sport. mcelroy got to the chorus and then got a come-from-behind win for europe over the usa. no good deed ever goes on finished. in jest, they
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all pretty much knew that we did the right thing. he looks forward to getting back to his own job. we would have done this for anybody. coming up in the medical watch move over take- out for kids allergic to milk. and coming up with all the way to bristol wisconsin to meet the man that many call the hoarse whisper. we will
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cover that coming up.
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in tonight's medical watch a new weapon against bacteria and the form of a new type of antibiotic scientists have figured out a way to diaz able pathogen's instead of killing them ucla researchers found by blocking that toxic products of bacteria when the toxin was disabled to the infected mice and never got sick the drug targeting the talks and would provide an alternative to antibiotics which are becoming less and less effective creating milk that will not cause
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allergies by genetically engineering scouse new zealand's biotechnology say by interfering with the kell rna before birth and they can affect the level of the g a protein in cow's milk, this is the first time the animal was targeted rather than altering the bulk later researchers say they can use the same rna manipulation to create house that are less susceptible to infection children are much less susceptible to injury if they wear a helmet national statistics show only 15 percent wear bicycle helmets the bradley university researchers set out to see if they really make a difference using human cadavers calls they found a helmet can produce acceleration on impact by 37% and can soft and a crushing force up to 470 lbs. which means any crash at 30 mi. per hour the had only feels the impact at 7 mi. per hour standard children's helmets were used in this test. we could be
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>> we have a little bit of rain on the way tomorrow and of course we have some of these fall colors to look at. he said he took this picture from on top, the black river falls wisconsin shows us the colors are widespread. look at that shot right there that is beautiful. what a beautiful shot that was. what an interesting day this is bin if you speeded up and look at it at a time lapse these little cumulus clouds fight to get going but we have seen a high-pressure ridge so these clouds just couldn't
9:31 pm
get a foothold. october is not without their warm weather. 13 of the past 15 octobers have produced and 80 degree temperature that's 87 percent of them and we could get close with a 78 forecast on thursday. this is the chilliest air mass in nearly six months. remember we have had some of the heat that has caused cancellation of the event in the last couple years. most of this is heavy rain that has been routed up through the appalachian chain. look at the
9:32 pm
amounts of rain we are talking about nothing really to write home about. it's what happens beyond that that may be most interesting because it will be mild after the showers tomorrow and then between thursday and sunday temperatures will drop 30 degrees here we will not get a lot of rain. it hit 74 in streator. 60 at burr ridge and
9:33 pm
pretty mild weather conditions across the metro area. look at the beautiful weather in north broke with the fall colors out in all their glory here is where the temperatures are dropping. we were a little warmer than yesterday. a lot of wind will accompany the influx of arctic air in the early season. this branch of the jet
9:34 pm
lists that area of claudius downstage. the cool air hits on friday and it hangs and over the weekend it will be more like an early november weekend around here and it will be reinforced next week. a month has been fairly mild up till this point. a few brief showers repopulate the southern suburbs low temperature 52-57. northeast winds at 4-14. some sporadic light showers. the operative words are sporadic and light. a high of 67 tomorrow it will not rain continuously. we will hit
9:35 pm
78 in by the time everybody drives home that evening it may be down to around 54 and that will be the high on friday, may be low 50 saturday. park lovers from all over seek his advice and cubs tickets selling for 50¢, hard to believe but it's true though find out where.
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for himself in hollywood but robert redford did a movie based on his life. he shared some of his tricks of the trade with thora >> he is one of the country's most renowned horse trainers, thousands come here to learn how to train horses and a humane way but they often end up learning about themselves. this is the man who was an inspiration for his best-selling 1995 novel the
9:39 pm
horse whisperer says ben master of the horse world. babel bugs they want is peace, all they want is a comfortable life, a horse is no different than a human being when the horses on welfare things are going to start going wrong. >> we went to his recent sold- out 40 sportsmanship clinic in wisconsin. he isn't interested in breaking horses. his method of natural horsemanship is based on empathy and a very simple idea a horse in terror is not going to remember any training. some people raise their kids in that way to and that doesn't generally worked out either. he uses a simple stick with a rack on the and to train horses. you
9:40 pm
don't need to kick me. >> dan ryan is from minnesota and she has been to six of his clinics but she still has some fears on her horse. >> really afraid into learning the skills into the tools really puts me back in the driver's seat and then it's fun. jean is a recreational ryder from arlington heights who has been riding since she was a little girl. >> you just have to juggle your leg a little and they get it. >> when you hear about his childhood you understand how he knows pain doesn't work as recounted in the sun dance audience award winning documentary simply title balk his early life in montana and idaho was marked by a level of pain. >> we started out as trick gropers so we were called buckshot into a smoky. the boys
9:41 pm
appeared on tv shows and even a cereal box but at home, their father was brutally abusive. >> they saved my life, i was a foster kid at 11 years old and i was lost and i had no one in the world that wanted me and my brother or cared about us and the horses were a refuge for me. the brothers had been rescued by a caring foster family taken away from their abusive father and lived on a ranch that background has formed some opinions about child rearing in the balk. if you were thinking also want to be is my child's best friend, once in awhile know is the only answer. as sundance he was reunited with an old friend robert redford who hired him as technical advisor on the 1998 movie version of ghost whisper. it seems that a buck is
9:42 pm
full of wisdom using horsemanship for life, you come from that kind of a background and there are probably a ton of people watchingliving a shamed life, nothing is going to be accomplished by making someone afraid of you, by beating on them, they will not respect you. it doesn't become an art until your soul goes into what you do. >> he has been doing his clinics for 30 years his home for about 10 months a year it is his trailer and the road, his wife is back on the ranch in wyoming and his youngest daughter recently started college. >> still had the cubs to reach a new low and it may actually be good news for fans flood of tears for riding high from last night's demolition of the boys in next year fans of the
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chicago cubs can get closer to the field at wrigley the cubs want to move the brick wall 3 ft. closer to the field and it could help batter is giving them lastless foul territory. they will
9:46 pm
look at the proposal thursday the cubs will have to wait for the go-ahead before any blasting begins. the cubs tickets are the hottest in town but not so much right now the tickets of the final two games are selling on line for as little as 50¢. they have 50 wins and 100 losses, finishing up at wrigley tomorrow against houston the only major league team with a worse record get your tickets now cubs and new york mets. there is one thing that comes number-one, the dirtiest ball parks i'm reading this because wrigley was ranked as the dirtiest
9:47 pm
stadium in the major league baseball kingdom. i'm not sure if there were looking on the men's side or the women's side. tom skilling will take us to the weather. >> i wonder how they conduct those kinds of exams what is not strange is the fact that it's going to rain a little tomorrow and maybe get close to 84 a day on thursday he conceived clouds up on the north of the canadian border. they're actually could be sticking snow we have a lot going through the area later tonight and tomorrow. look at
9:48 pm
this storm that wraps up and the snow on its backside reaching into northwest minnesota and north dakota them up into ontario and eastern manitoba for us we will get a 62 tomorrow and warm into the '70s, perhaps 77 before the cool air hits like a wall we could have 39 by the morning. a closer look at the wind here the storm is a poster wrapup. 56 friday, 52 saturday.
9:49 pm
it looks like marathon weather in the morning. perhaps a 38 degree start time temperature. big changes. the marathoners were very happy it is good weather. >> coming up, it was lovely service kind of game five takeaways and two touchdowns for the bears' defense had the bears off to a 3-1 start. stay [ female announcer ] with the 2-in-1 swiffer sweeper, a great clean doesn't have to take long. i'm done. are you thinking what i'm thinking? ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ okay. all right. oh! [ female
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magic eraser. lets you pick the right size for every job. but good news, the bears it's been said that the best offense is a good defense. it was still their defense and that left the biggest impression. a tiny room
9:53 pm
all pass and set up in the arms of charles25 yds lance and briggs still showing that he can still motor pretty good at 31. an impressive 34-18 win. they have been rushing past extremely well you give your duties in your linebackers the opportunity to move staycation is officially
9:54 pm
over for the bulls their reported scores yesterday and today they got to prepare for a season that will feel very different at the outset without the presence of their coach. some familiar faces on hand but plenty of new faces including first-round pick marcus t and a veteran point guard nate robinson. this is nothing new we had to get established this year. as we get more practices
9:55 pm
we would get better games. he gave up a game time homer to travis and the bottom of the inning. the indians beat the sox 4-3. they made it 1-nothing. the astros beat the cubs again three-nothing. not much good
9:56 pm
news even though the sides did me briefly today there is no progress reported. the marlins gave them a one day contract to hit tonight against the mets. a big ovation high-five's into smiles after words for adam green.and smiles after words for adam green. >> have a great night from all of us.
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